Community and Corporate Partners
Turn your Freakin'Waste into stuff


Freakin'Billboard, LLC would love to partner with your business or organization to help recycle your soon to be wasted vinyl.  We can turn it into items of your choice that you can use for fundraising, promotion, advertising or employee gifts.  The ideas are limitless!!  If you have an advertising banner or billboard that you are going to throw away, why not let your message live on?  We have the design and production capability to meet your needs.  So why not further your businesses environmental stewardship and let us put your freakin'waste to use! 


We Want to say THANK YOU to our Community and Corporate Partners - Who knows what they Freakin'Can do for you!


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis


The Indianapolis Museum of Art


The Columbus, Indiana Visitors Center


Friends of the New Castle Henry County Library


Stark Capital Solutions


Mercurious Designs





Lawrenceburg Media


Lake Outdoor


Primero Outdoor Media


Sharon L. Bassett Foundation


Farm Clinic, Inc.


Pink Ribbon Connection


Coach Hep Cancer Challenge


Indianapolis Childrens Museum Guild for the Annual Haunted House Event


Big Ten Recreational Sports Annual Conference 2010


Indianapolis Baby Expo 2010


Indianapolis Jewish Federation