About Us
We Are Having FREAKIN'Fun

FREAKIN'BILLBOARD was created after the priorities of two college acquaintances, Ann Archibald Stark and Beth Shoemaker Mast, changed.  Spending years in the helping  professions of psychology and occupational therapy, raising many well-adjusted children (and less well-adjusted pets), and battling cancer these two women decided they did not want jobs.  Instead they struck out looking for a creative, flexible, learning experience which just happened to be lying on the garage floor.  Having unlimited access to vinyl highway billboards and absolutely NO design, sewing or business experience they decided to make "stuff" out of this water-proof material that is thrown away into landfills by the tons.  As ignorance is bliss, they struck out to open a company built around creating fun and flexibility.  FREAKIN'BILLBOARD is not a business but an evolving creation by two people looking for possibility and finding it.  


OUR NAME: We often are asked how we came up with the name FREAKIN'BILLBOARD.  We actually kind of stumbled upon it much as we did this whole business.  We wanted a meaningful name that in some way represented us and our journeys.  We tried creating a name using our kids first initials, but we quickly discovered that there are not too many words that can be made with an A,O,S and E.  We tried using our dogs names, since we had Goldendoodles from the same litter, but Marvin died so that left Zoey and her puppy sibling, Pete.  Then Stella, the Great Dane arrived, so we set out in a different direction for naming our company.

We have spent many vacations in South Beach in Miami, and one of our favorite places is Max's Club Deuce, a little bar off the beaten path.  We decided that Deuce was the perfect name.  Not only did we have many memories from Club Deuce, but there were two of us... Deuce!  We were so excited about our new name, but within about a minute and a half our dreams were crushed by our husbands who burst out laughing from the next room.  "They're going to be selling Deuce Bags,"  "Get it.... Deuce Bags".

We were somewhat frustrated and irritated that our husbands found so much pleasure in laughing at our expense.  We decided a name would eventually come to us that would be exactly the right one.  Our conversation went something like this... "We really need a name for this freakin' company."  "There are so many things we could do with freakin'billboard."  Etc. Etc.  We realized that we had been saying our name all along.  FREAKIN'BILLBOARD.

freaking ( transitive verb  to streak especially  with color