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 Our products make great affordable novel gifts and are nice conversation pieces.  Our inventory changes a couple times a month so if you do not see something you like please check back.  You can always email us if you are looking for a specific color or graphic, but please understand our products reflect the boards we have access to at this moment in time. 

All of the billboards have been hanging by the roadside, and though we take great care in using billboard of good quality, there will sometimes be inconsistencies or minor scratches in the material.  It is part of the product.  The billboard is made of various types of waterproof PVC vinyl in which the ink is laser "painted" on.  Sharp objects can scratch the ink.  Our items are durable and can withstand use, but like any other product, they can't withstand abuse.

We are working hard to make our products better than any on the market.  To do this we work out of our freakin'homes and do the website our freakin'selves.  It is not glamorous, but allows us to cap the bottom of our bags with sturdy material, edge the top with a nice finishing touch, place a little hardware on our items, charge a great price for a one-of-a-kind product, give a large portion of profits to organizations our customers choose, and create as many jobs as we can.  This sets us apart from all others.

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